What is a Mystery Fiber?

Mystery fibers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and deployments. But the most annoying thing about a mystery fiber is its identity is a Mystery because it has no reliable form of identification. Most fiber, when constructed, includes a “sleeve” with a company name and telephone number. The sleeve is a heavy duty plastic wrap or label which gets attached to the bundle at every pole. A mystery Fiber however, either has no label at all, or the label is unreliable. Many labels fade over the years. Other labels might be from a company that has gone out of business, or sold to another carrier.

Why Would a Mystery Fiber Need Identified?

A Mystery Fiber needs to be identified when a pole owner needs to service the pole in some ways, most often when the pole needs to be replaced and the companies with attachments on the pole need to be contacted to move their wire from one pole to the other.

How Does VentureSum Help?

VentureSum has the ability to identify the Mystery Fiber and help connect the pole owner with the fiber owner.

When we are called out to identify a Mystery Fiber we determine:

Where it goes, what it does, how it connects to other carriers, and who really owns the wire.

After we identify the owner of the wire we will:

Contact the company that owns the fiber, confirm that it’s their wire, and report back to the pole owner.

Service Spotlight: Mystery Fiber Identification

VentureSum has identified hundreds of mystery fibers and we always provide the first identification for free!