The local Electric company has decided to replace one of the poles they own in the city. They call up the local Telecom company who has an attachment on the pole to let them know and the Telecom company says that they own the pole. Now there’s a conflict and a question: “Who owns the pole?”.


VentureSum’s Pole Ownership Reconciliation service. We will do an inventory of the pole to collect information about the pole in question. We will connect the Electric company’s GIS record with that of the Telecom company’s GIS record so that there is one complete record with the correct ownership information.

While visiting the pole in the field, we can collect additional attributes about the pole. We can notate birthmarks, pole owner tags, the height of the pole, wire attributes, take photos of the pole, and/or collect any other pieces of information that the pole owner would like to know about the pole.


Side by side records from the Electric and Telecom companies with the relevant information that VentureSum collected about the pole in the field allows the Electric and Telecom companies to come to an agreement about who owns the pole.

Pole Owner Reconciliation: Who Owns The Pole

VentureSum has helped settle hundreds of thousands of pole owner disputes in large cities, small cities and rural areas alike.