I’m here with Jason Creel. He has been the street lighting coordinator system-wide for AEP
over the last couple of years. Just wanted to chat with him a few minutes about his experience
with VentureSum. And since we’ve just finished counting about a hundred and seventy-five
thousand lights for AEP. Started that in October, October of last year, Finished in April of
this year.

So, tell us a little bit about how you feel about the work that we did, and kind of our approach
to the business, What your experience has been like.

Well, so I found that VentureSum was very professional in the way they performed their inventories.
There was lots of communication. And one of the nice things that I really liked about working
with VentureSum was, whenever I needed something I knew I could call and get ahold of you very

How do you feel about the mapping tools that we were using, the online abilities that
we had of demonstrating the various lights and the maps? And the way the coordinates move based
on from the GIS to actual real world?

And the dots that became available in real-time reporting. I really liked that. It was very easy to see where you were and what you were
finding out there in the field.

Cool. All right. So the data that we turned in, we obviously worked
in Texas and Arkansas and Louisiana in Virginia and West Virginia and Tennessee. So, out of
all those territories and all the lights that we counted, that data went to multiple lighting
coordinators at each of those local areas. What was some of the feedback you were getting from
some of the local people? Were they comfortable with what we were providing? Did they feel good
about the support we were providing for the work? And were they able to actually take advantage
of the data that we turned into them?

Yeah, they seem to be comfortable with the work that you’re
providing. And again, they like the communication level that was happening during the inventory.

So yeah, we ended up collecting around a million a little over a million points of data. We took
three photos of each light. Right. We got the bold type, the wattage, fixture style, structure
type, the arm length, and the orientation of the fixture itself. So a lot of data that we collected
in that amount of time and we were able to host that online for you. We were able to give you guys
an online viewer, pull that into an ESRI portal online. So you guys could have an interactive
view. You could click on the like, see all the attributes that seem to be really helpful to the
folks in the local areas. The right either way.

Yeah, that share point was really great too.

Yeah, perfect. Yeah. Well, we really appreciate the opportunity to work with you guys and everybody
at AEP, and hope to do some more of that in the future.

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Thanks, Jason. All right.