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Services We Offer


  • Analysis of existing inventory program structure
  • Inventory Program design and implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Specifications Design
  • Pre-Bid meeting design and presentation

Electric Companies

  • Guest Attachment Inventories
  • Joint Use Pole Inventories
  • Guest System Discovery and Boundary Documentation
  • System Search for Unauthorized Attachments by Contracted and/or Non-contracted Pole Users
  • NESC Compliance
  • GPS mapping
  • Storm Patrol, Scouting, Crew Leading

As pole owners become more acclimated to outsourcing the inventory of guest attachments, VentureSum Corporations Turnkey Pole Attachment Data Management service is gaining popularity. This integrated service includes the following:

  • ILEC/CLEC/Telecom/CATV System Discovery
  • Inventory Negotiation with Attachees
  • Actual Field Inventory to Create Geographic Records of Each Pole Attachment Location
  • Detailed Reports and Summary Analysis of Each Attaching Entity
  • Presentation of Inventory Results to Pole Owners and Attachees

VentureSum Corporation will tailor its services to the needs of the client. We are pleased to participate in the management of the assets at any level required by the pole owner, whether it be simply on a consultant basis, as a managed inventory service company, or as a full service asset / inventory management firm.

Telecom / CATV

  • Facilities Mapping
  • Asbuilt Mapping
  • Fiber Route Consultation, Mapping, and Design
  • Digitizing
  • Pole Owner Discovery and Documentation
  • Attachment Inventory
  • Makeready
  • R/R Crossings

Telephone (ILEC) / Telecom

  • Guest Attachment Inventory
  • Joint Use Pole Inventory
  • System Search for Unauthorized Attachments by Contracted and/or Non-contracted Pole Users
  • NESC Compliance Audits
  • Turn-key pole attachment data management (detailed above)
  • Facilities Inspection Wood Integrity, Overhead Conditions, Surface Mounted Equipment, BCM maintenance

Free Project Assessment

For an assessment of a project that you have in progress, we could simply take the data from a portion of an inventory that you have completed or have in progress. We would visit the field in that area and verify all of the data that has been collected. Following the verification, we would produce maps and summary reports that would give you a firm handle on the quality rating of the field work.

No contract is required because no money will exchange hands. After the assessment, we will work with you as necessary on the presentation of the data. We understand that the invitation to do the assessment in no way implies any future obligation to VentureSum. 

Our passion is quality above all else. This is why we offer this service. We have discovered over the years that about 95% of pole attachment inventories go unchecked by the pole owners who commission them. The general consensus is that the pole owner should be able to trust their contractor. After all, that is why they hired them. The problem is, most contractors do not even know how to perform the work that they bid on.

There are two primary reasons that pole owners do not QC their contractors. The main reason is because they simply do not have the time. The other reason is because they do not know how. It takes a trained professional to identify many of the wires attached to poles these days. And it takes a very practiced, experienced professional to do this accurately and consistently on a day by day, hour by hour basis. 

The terrible misconception that “counting poles” is “easy” and “anyone can do it” is the reason why pole owners across the nation are losing millions of dollars every year in undocumented attachments and mis-identified pole owners.