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VentureSum Newsletters

May. 18, 2016 - R. E. E. P. E. R. s

If you've ever been in a profession where driving a vehicle was a part of the job, or was the actual job, you have my sympathy and understanding. Not because you spend a large part of your day (and your life) at the controls of a large piece of machinery that can move very fast, and doesn't react well when you hit other solid things, but because you have to spend a large part of your day (and your life) sharing the road with other beings that think they are Masters of the Universe when it comes to driving ability, or that they are master multi-taskers while they also drive to some destination. Most of these folks just don't understand that traffic is suppose to be a dynamic and FLUID thing.

As a member of the driving-a-vehicle-is-part-of-my-profession club, I have often dreamed about how nice it would be if only driver education would teach people things other than how to start their car, or that turning the steering wheel to the right will really make your vehicle go to the right. I wish they would actually educate people on how to act on the road, or to be aware of the fact that there are lots of other people also on the road who are going places or doing things that are at least as important, if not more so, than going to Wal-mart to get the daily box of doughnuts. There is a certain etiquette that needs to be observed. Road civility if you will. Therefore, a call has gone out for all those who desire for the roads to become more civil and wish to help make it happen. The call is to join
The R.E.E.P.E.R.'s
R oad
E tiquette &
E fficiency
P atrolling
E nforcement
R anger

As a REEPER, it becomes your duty to help to educate the general public as to various civil road rules, and to make the road system work better through driver behavior. With the current world situation, active enforcement has become the only way to fight back the forces of road stupidity and the increasing number of people dwelling in their narcissistic shell while driving. I'm sure there are some of you who are still confused as to what they can do to combat the insidious nature of people who drive and are totally unaware of events happening outside their vehicle. Aggressive action is not always the answer. Sometimes, passivity can be very effective also. Allow me to present a few examples of road insensitivity, and the possible actions that can be taken, that, in the long run, can help save the world.

Example #1-
You're on a interstate in or near a city. The interstate is 3 or 4 lanes wide. Traffic is thick but should be moving quicker than the 50 mph that you're doing. You look up ahead, and in the far left lane (THE PASSING LANE), you see a car ambling along at about the same speed as the car next to it on the right, which is going along near the same speed as the cars in the right hand lanes (lanes for slower cars). This is a perfect example of total oblivion by the person in the car in the far left lane. They have no clue that they are holding up a mass of people behind them and, consequently, causing traffic to thicken, and actually become more dangerous. The person causing the log jam needs to be taught 2 things. One, that the speed they are traveling is not proper for the lane they are in and, Two, they need to understand the feeling that everyone behind them is feeling. That way, they may realize that they've been quite the doofus and insensitive to the other human beings on the road with them. Here is one possible answer that doesn't involve mounting a bazooka on your vehicle, taking aim at them and pulling the trigger. Maneuver and/or change lanes until you are able to put your vehicle in front of the slothful car. Next, allow your car to start coasting. That's right. Instead of going faster or even doing the same speed, slowly go slower and slower until the driver in the offending car gets so worked up, they will change lanes to the right to go around you. At that point, you can now start going faster and all the cars that were behind the turtle car will also go faster. You've basically forced the turtle driver to change lanes on their own. The turtle driver will be unable to inflict their thoughtlessness on any cars in the left lane for awhile, or until the line that was behind him thins out. It's a small victory, but you have to start somewhere.

Example #2-
You're sitting at a traffic light waiting to turn left and you're about 6 cars back. You know this light doesn't hold green long and you hope the driver in first position is paying attention so that the maximum number of vehicles can get through because the red light holds really long. Sure enough, the light changes to the green arrow to turn and the zombie driving the vehicle in the first position has apparently become so engrossed in describing her nail color to her friend on the phone that by the time she realizes that the light is green, you've had enough time to grow a small oak tree in your trunk if you wanted to. As it turns out, the lead car and 1 other gets through while the 3rd car runs the light as it changes from yellow to red, and you're stuck for another cycle. This type of situation is what your vehicle horn is designed for. Although being in the position right behind the offending vehicle is more effective, if your vehicle's horn is beefy enough, it can still be a 'wake up' to the sleepwalker in the lead car. Most folks are just too timid to use their horn. And the use of it doesn't have to be a long train whistle blast (but this can become necessary when the first or second 'courtesy' beeps seem to have no affect). Not that you would need to lay into your horn the very second that the light changes green, but after a reasonable amount of time to shift a person's foot from the brake to the gas and the vehicle is still not starting to move, then a little tap is perfectly fine. The rules of the road dictate that, if you are in the lead position at a traffic light, it is your responsibility to watch the light for the whole line behind you, and to react as efficiently as possible because you know that most all those people behind you also have places to go and people to meet. So, just know, horns are just a way for vehicles to talk to each other, and sometimes you can't be shy to speak.

Example #3-
This is sort of a duel example. You are traveling on multi-laned interstate or highway and you are in the passing lane along with a line of vehicles. The line is moving as it should, passing the slower vehicles on the right. Or, the right lane is being shut down up ahead due to construction or something and traffic is being narrowed down to one lane. Either way, the right lane is not where you want to be. Inevitably, some moron comes speeding up on the right side so that they can quickly switch lanes and basically cut into the line of traffic, and into the lane that's moving better. Once in awhile, it can be a case of the driver is unfamiliar with the roads and has really gotten stuck in the bad lane and needs an act of kindness from one of the drivers in the moving lane to let the stuck driver in. The vast majority of the time though, the driver trying to cut in is a jerk and a bully, and more often than not, they find some timid driver to cut in front of because they didn't want to get into the flowing lane a ways back like everyone else has done. When you see this situation forming, it is imperative that you prevent the jack-wagon from being successful in their cut-in maneuver. One thing you can do is to not give the jerk any room between you and the vehicle in front of you (this only succeeds in controlling a small space and does not really keep the jerk from getting in somewhere ahead of you). A second option (and this is really for when a lane closure is involved) is to move your vehicle halfway or all the way into the right lane, and maintain the same speed as the cars in the left lane. Basically keeping station with where you were but just in the other lane. This effectively blocks anyone from going by you in the right lane and therefore, keeps the reckless incursions that would normally happen due to the jerks, to a minimum. Traffic will flow smoothly and the car that was behind you in the left lane will, most of the time, understand what you are doing, and will work with you to save your spot, allowing you to come back over right at the lane closure. You'll see truckers do this all the time, as many of them are true professionals (and many are a part of the ranks of REEPER's), and their goal is also to see the roads work more efficiently and to restore good road etiquette. While doing this, you may end up with quite a number of would-be jerks piled up behind you, but, that's okay. They can see that there are people who will not be bullied, and that will stand up for the meek and timid.

As more REEPER's involve themselves to correct the waywardness direction that people's road behavior have taken, just like when lawlessness tended to go away when the sheriff came to town in the old west, sanity on the roads will be restored. The number of benefits are much more than most folks would think. Road rage will go down. Blood pressure will go down. Fewer wrecks. Less hospital costs. Lower insurance rates. The list goes for awhile. The 3 examples given here are just a few of the things that happen repeatedly. I'm sure that you can think of several things that's happened locally to you without too much trouble. So, get involved and become a REEPER. Help to educate those who tend to occupy the shallow end of the gene pool. Together, we can save the world.

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