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VentureSum Newsletters

Jan. 19, 2009 - The Scariest of Seasons

I had originally planned to write and publish this newsletter around Halloween, hence, the title. I was kept busy working on projects, and had a hard time finding the energy to do it, so I kept postponing it. I had, more or less, written it in my mind, and knew that, even if I wasnít able to publish it until Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Yearís, the title and content would still be relevant. Being today is January 19, the day before our planetsí history changes forever, and with tomorrow being the first day of Utopia, I thought this would be the perfect time to get this done. I also know that youíve been holding your breath, waiting to hear about those crazy pole-counters that work for this company. So, without further ado, hereís the first newsletter of 2009.

The projects for 2008 have kept us all very busy. Very, very busy. In fact, if youíre reading this, and youíre not an employee of the company, I have a lovely offer for you. How would you like to have a job with a company that constantly sends you to exotic locales, where you get to travel in a luxurious vehicle, paid for by your company? And after relaxing behind the wheel of your transport all day, you can eat at a fancy restaurant, talk to your co-workers on your company telephone, download info for your company computer and then go back to a comfortable hotel. Of course, all this is paid for with your company credit card. After a week of this vacation-like activity, you get to go home to your family, and not think about work all weekend. Of course, if youíre not almost perfect with youíre work, every day, then youíre fired. Sorry, but thatís the nature of the job. Any takers? While youíre thinking about it, Iíll bring you up to date on where everyone is, and what theyíre doing.

VentureSum North/East is fairly spread out in Virginia and is gearing up for projects in West Virginia, Indiana and Michigan. In fact, so much is going on with them, I canít get more specific, other than to say, they have a really busy year coming up and they may have to borrow personnel from VentureSum South from time to time. Speaking of VentureSum South, they are involved with a CATV audit for Duke Energy in central North Carolina, and will continue with it for a significant chunk of the year. VentureSum West is roaming around southern Mississippi, but will be moving westward later in the year. Iíll be able to give you better info as we get into the year.

So, what else does the new year hold for us? With the new President coming in, there hasnít been room in the news for much else. I must say, even in my (relatively) short life, Iíve never seen so much hype for an incoming presidentís swearing in. I also see that the economy has turned around. It must have because the inauguration will only cost the American taxpayer $174 million dollars (thereís an extra $45 million added for all the extra security, port-a-pottys and party favors that are to be used thanks to the election of this historic figure). Last year (year 2 of the presidential campaign), I remember that both candidates were touting their campaign phrases of ďHopeĒ and ďChangeĒ. The only difference between the two candidates, that I could tell, was what kind of change they would bring. One of the candidates type of change seems to have been equivalent to you taking your car to the garage for service because it was making a bad noise, and was not working right. Your hope being that the mechanic would fix the car. The end result being that your car would be changed from broken to fixed, or at least, patched together enough to work and nothing else would get broken in the process. The change may not be that much for the better, but, not that much for the worse either. The other candidates type of change seemed to be equivalent to a small child, standing on the street corner, waiting to cross when a big car pulls up and the door opens. A voice from the inside says ďWant some candy? Hop in and Iíll take you to get a big bag of it.Ē Of course, the change here is from one of minding your own business to one of being hijacked and whisked away to a bad ending. Your hope is fairly obvious as far as this situation is concerned. Iíll let you decide which candidate represents which scenario. I hope that neither scenario is correct, but, thatís why itís the Ďscariest of seasonsí. Because politicians are politicians, we really donít know where weíll be by the end of this year, much less 4 years from now. We are in the process of replacing the people who make decisions for all of us, regardless of whether or not we want them to. Unfortunately, politicians will be politicians, and they will act in their own best interest FIRST, then us. Yes, itís a cynical view, but itís been cultivated from years of observation.

By now, youíve had time to think about my earlier proposition. If you accept, we can work you hard enough so that you wonít be able to pay too much attention to the political world, thus, saving your sanity. You can thank me in the next newsletter.

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