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VentureSum Newsletters

Dec. 06, 2007 - The Home Stretch

It always seems, as we get into this time of year, that the general attitude of people change. Sometimes the change is good, sometimes not. You can almost feel it when, for example, you’re in a crowd of folks at the local Mall on Saturday. Some folks become more pleasant, more tolerable of the failings of their fellow humans. They’ve reached a certain point in their year where it’s now all downhill, and they relish in the fact that what was once a burden is now just a memory, and they can breathe a big sigh of relief. Other folks get more cranky and snippy because things are really piling up on them, and their shovel is just not big enough to move the pile. These people are not happy, nor can they be made happy. These people are miserable, and if you let them, they will make you miserable too. You should avoid these people if you want to enjoy this time of year. For businesses, this time of year is generally busy. Everyone’s trying to get all the last-minute projects done (at least, we are). Before going any further down this road, let’s see where all these projects are, and who is working on them.

Greg Sanders, Thor Cobb and VentureSum West are in Bowie County, Texas doing a project for SWEPco. This group has done an excellent job this year, and deserves a round of applause for their consistency in being productive, and providing solid billable work. VentureSum East, headed up by Joel Calvert for most of the year, and assisted by John Corcoran and Noah Sager, has had a lot of garbage to dig through, as far as projects are concerned. This group has persevered, and has remained heavily relied upon by our clients, to provide good and HIGHLY accurate data (unlike our competition). VentureSum South, which is normally watched over by Joey Johnson, has had to be quite flexible this year. Operations have been happening, not only in North and South Carolina, but also in Michigan and Indiana. Special assistance has been obtained from Geoff Bechtold, in order to meet this need for flexibility. Of course, holding it all together are the folks at the home office. Gwyn and Diane and Sherry (Sherri? Sherrie? whatever) and Eric and last, but not the smallest, Wes (THE Information and Technology dept.). All of you have done a good job this year, maintaining your professionalism in the face of, well, all kinds of goofiness. I hereby promote you all to the next level.

For Businesses, this time of year is the ‘Home Stretch’. As I said previously, everyone is rushing to finish the last few projects. Everyone is into the last leg of the race, trying to finish strong, hence the term ‘Home Stretch’. For me, the term ‘Home Stretch’ has come to mean something a little different. My current project is allowing me to work close to home. What this means is, I get to sleep in my own bed for awhile. I also get to see my wife and kids on a daily basis. Seeing the stuff that goes on at my house, and in the lives of my family every day has been an eye-opener. Again. Watching and being involved with my wife as she deals with her work, and her overtime hours, and making supper, and getting the car fixed, and taking care of a sick pet, and going to parent-teacher conferences, and cleaning the house, and doing the laundry, and helping with homework, and so forth, always renews my appreciation of my good fortune with the choice I made for a bride. Watching my kids deal with school, and school work, and good and bad grades, and graduate projects, and fixing the truck, and going to the dentist, and facing the thousand choices they have each day on whether they will stay principled, or if they’ll succumb to peer pressure, and take the easy road to nowhere. Yes, I have been involved with all these things, and this was just the first week. Working these things out has made us closer though, because we did it together. The memories we‘ve created, and the funny or crazy stories that have come about from doing these everyday activities is what makes up that familiar feeling of a home. Later, as you sit around the dinner table, or lounge in the living room, a re-telling of the story about who fell out of their chair, or who ran into whose car, helps to cement that memory of home. These ‘pieces’ of home can be with you always, even when you’re not at home. I firmly believe, the more of these ‘pieces’ you have, the better. So, rather than rush, rush, rush as we frantically enter the last leg of the race, maybe we should re-think our priorities. I’m going to try to relax, entrust my worries to God, and make as many memories as I can with my family, while I enjoy my ‘stretch’ at home. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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