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VentureSum Newsletters

Oct. 24, 2007 - Driving the wheels off it

In the multiple decades that I have lived (careful, itís not THAT many), I can not think of a time when I felt like I had more irons in the fire at one time. The days sprint by, and before I can blink, the week is done. The weeks turn into a month before I can turn around. The months, even with the seasons helping to split them up, quickly blend into a blur of a year, and then, you ask ďwhere did the time go?Ē Iím fairly certain the older you get, the more aware you become of the swift slippage of time. When youíre a young pup, you may be aware of how busy you are, but you are young and even middle age is years away. You canít really appreciate the passage of time until youíve had a chunk of time get by you. Then you can actually look back on something. Sorry for the tangent. I was talking about being busy. Before I get too busy though, letís find out where everybody is.

Everyone is in the same place they were before.

Just kidding. VentureSum West is on an extensive project for SWEPCO in Texas, although Iím not exactly sure where they are in Texas. Iím aware this kinda defeats the purpose of the newsletter, so, Iíll try to be more precise in the next newsletter. Itís typical of the guys in the west to go about their work, doing a great job, not looking for recognition, going unseen for the most part. Well, no more. Greg Sanders and Thor Cobb, you guys are running a great project. More on where they are next time. VentureSum East is doing a cable audit for AEP, and is floating in, and around Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia. VentureSum South is doing a Verizon/Duke Energy audit in Durham, N.C., with a couple of smaller projects also ongoing. The thing is, when these projects are complete, the guys in the field will barely have a chance to catch their breath before having to move to the next project. In fact, projects are lined up like dominoes. A lot of dominoes. Everyone is going to be busy for awhile, which brings me back to what I was talking about.

In our job, one of the talents we must utilize inside our vehicles is the ability to multi-task. After Ďmulti-taskingí all day, we can usually kick back a little that night, and recharge for the next day. Not so these days. For me, just doing our job is a full load all by itself. Add to that, making sure all my responsibilities at my church are fulfilled. Add to that, trying to keep up with my two teenagers and their school work and social life. Plus, maintaining a marriage, a social life, a house and 3 vehicles (not all mine), extended family crisis that are ongoing, trying to run my fat body down to its proper size, and last, but not least, throw in two hobbies that can be physically demanding, and require a significant amount of time to enjoy, and there remains very little time to watch college football (but I do). I know, your probably saying ďhey, want a little cheese with that Ďwhineí?Ē To a certain extent, youíd be right to say that, but only to a certain extent. When you drive a car faster and faster, until you almost reach warp speed, and you drive it faster still, it will vibrate and shake and things rattle and the engine will make noise. Eventually, things will start coming off as you get faster until; finally, the tires come off. Youíve driven the tires off it. When tires come off at that speed, stopping comes rather abruptly and with little control. Itís not pretty. Life seems to get busier and busier, and I can see the wheels starting shake.

The thing is, I can think of three people whose lives are so busy, they should die from exhaustion tomorrow. Yet, they go along like it is what theyíre supposed to do. My wife does more than I can describe. I really try to keep her happy; she deserves it. I also have a friend, who works full time, maintains a 100 acre farm (with animals), puts up with his in-laws living with him, is raising two teenage boys, devotes time to the church he attends, and still has time to organize and direct camps for kids and satisfy a couple of his own hobbies, one of which is camping. Do you have any idea how much it costs in time, and money, and effort to go camping on any kind of a regular basis? I have a boss who is so busy, sometimes Iím not sure he knows what state heís in. In addition to raising two girls, and devoting time to the church he attends, heís running a company that would suck dry the spark of life out of most people. For example, we have a client that my boss is constantly Ďadvisingí for free, and helping to make their records accurate. We could charge double and this client would still be getting a bargain, considering all the extra stuff they get on an ongoing basis. Maybe itís just me getting older, and being able to compare what is now, and what was, as far as busy-ness is concerned. I reckon Iím going to have to learn how to be a better multi-tasker, if Iím going to keep up. Maybe Iíll just watch college football in my golf cart.

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