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VentureSum Newsletters

Sep. 17, 2007 - This land is YOUR land

While working in my ‘office’ (my truck) last week, the scenery that surrounded me each day brought to mind the words and song that is in the title. The nice thing about my ‘office’ is that the scenery changes every day, and I have windows on all 4 sides. Take that Mr. “I-have-to-wear-a-tie- to-work-very-day”. Working for this company has allowed me the opportunity to see various areas of this country that I would not normally get to see, and I must say, it has been an educational experience. The places I have seen are not the normal touristy type places that most people think of as travel destinations (although there are some of those too). I’ve been allowed to see the ‘Piedmont’ and the mountains of the Carolinas, along with the mountains in Virginia and West Virginia. I’ve been exposed to the frenetic pace of Chicago and Charlotte and the ongoing cornfields of Indiana. I’ve been to the lower parts of Louisiana and Mississippi and I’ve been to some other places where telephones have not been introduced yet. I’ve met, and talked with a variety of people, most of whom seem to be good folks, just living their lives as best they can, and being helpful if they can. All these experiences pooled together to force the song “This land is your land” into my head. I didn’t mind though, because, although it may be old, or corny, or ‘too patriotic’ (if there is such a thing), the words still have meaning. We have a great country, with some good people. It’s worth fighting for.

Now I’m not the only person in the company that travels around the country. Let’s go over where everybody is currently working. VentureSum North has, indeed, completed its’ project in New Hampshire for NHEC, and is now drifting southward to join other divisions of our company in order to help out. VentureSum West is working on a project for Entergy and AT&T in Mississippi, but will split so they can also start on a project for SWEPCO in Texas. VentureSum East has already split forces to take care of projects for AEP in Charleston, West Virginia, and, in Bristol, Tennessee. VentureSum South is finishing up a project for Duke Energy and Verizon in Marion, N.C., before moving over to Durham, N.C. in order to do a project for Duke Energy and BellSouth. That takes care of the field forces. Now, let’s give a big welcome to our newest office administrative addition, Sherri McCloskey, who is training to be Gwyn’s “mini-me”. Welcome to the family Sherri.

Now, I’d like to introduce a new feature that might become a permanent fixture in the newsletter. It’s something I like to call “Notes from the Field”. This feature allows ours guys in the field to directly contribute to the newsletter in order to bring a different perspective, or, to offer a “balance” to the newsletter (as if it needed balance). So, without further ado, almost directly from one of our field agents, here are some ‘notes from the field’.

-As a VentureSum employee, one is expected to be highly efficient and precise in all areas relating to work, whether it involves driving, database management or customer relations. There are some companies (usually the ones who are the object of the audit) that tend to be cynical concerning our abilities in gathering accurate information, and toward this end, will gladly squander their employees valuable time by paying them to do nothing but watch us work. In our business, this is known as a ‘ride-along’, a process by which a non-employee of VentureSum awkwardly sits in the passenger (or rear) seat of our small VentureSum vehicle, while the VentureSum employee navigates the roads, counts poles, and operates the computer. This ‘ride-along’ will only move when it is time for lunch, or time to go home. Also, the ‘ride-along’ unknowingly places an added burden on the auditor simply by being a constant distraction and blocking the auditor’s ability to see, regardless of how benign the personality of the intruder. It is the opinion of the person submitting these ‘field notes’, that for the good of productivity, we should not do ‘ride-alongs’.-

The employee who offered the above paragraph will accuse me of sterilizing his contribution, and, that may be true to a certain extent, but, I have my reasons, and, at least you’ve had some balance. Happy? There were other things that were to be included in this newsletter, but, with all the balance we’ve endured, there just isn’t space this time. I make sure it’s included in the next highly informative newsletter. See ya.

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