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VentureSum Newsletters

Aug. 05, 2007 - Itís just a matter of time

You may remember in previous newsletters, my referring to a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger (although there are those who think snow wonít exist anymore in the near future, but thatís okay, itís just a mental exercise). In that reference, the image represented VentureSumís expansion as a company, and the trust in the accuracy of the output from an increasing workload that VentureSum is happy to have. It wonít be long before VentureSum has every utility company in the country as our client (insert crazy sinister laugh ďHaaaaaHaHaHaHahĒ). Actually, VentureSumís attention to detail, matched with impressive adaptability, and employee integrity, is what has made our company something special. Give yourselves a pat on the back guys and gals; you have done a good job.

Youíre probably wondering, ďSo whatís with the big commercial?Ē Iíll tell you momentarily, meanwhile, letís find out where everybody is, and what theyíre doing. On second thought, Iím not sure I can tell you where everybody is. I DO know where all the work is going on, so letís try it from that angle. VentureSum West is going strong, as usual thanks to Greg, in Louisiana. VentureSum North is also moving along steadily in New Hampshire. Thatís it for the normal divisions of VentureSum. The other divisions are kinda all over. VentureSum East and South have people currently working in North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and Indiana, with Michigan on the very near horizon. It wouldnít do to try to get specific about their locations, because they are covering a lot of ground. Weíll have to wait till next time to see if the guys have settled into an area that can be named. Suffice it to say, everyone is going at warp speed (except, maybe, Noah, and thatís because heís in the mountains of Kentucky) and trying to get it done.

It didnít take long for me to get some feedback concerning certain issues that have been raised in previous newsletters. It seems there is some disagreement with the simple logic of my statements. The thing is, I agree, basically, with these guys, concerning Ďclimate changeí and Ďborder securityí and Ďhealth careí etc. I agree that we should let as many immigrants into this country as possible (legally). I agree that the climate is changing (isnít it constantly changing), and I agree that everyone should have as much health care as they can get for themselves. One thing I donít understand; why do people demand that an individual take PERSONAL responsibility when theyíre talking about the environment, yet, the same people will NOT demand that a person take personal responsibility where it concerns their own healthcare. Hmmmmmmmm. Are we going to be personally responsible for ours lives, and the way we live them, or not?

In the first paragraph, I was talking about what a great company this is. I mentioned several things that contributed to this. These qualities are born from the fact that, our company has a GOAL to be the best at doing what we do. I emphasize Ďgoalí, because I believe having a goal is central to improving ourselves and being as productive as possible. I had this big long story all lined up so as to illustrate this point. Instead, Iíll give you the ĎReaderís Digestí version. Currently, Iím working in an area that is a long way from home. So the set-up is that I need to work 12 days straight, get in 120 hours, and then take a week off. I had placed a challenge to myself that during this stretch, I would (in industry terms) count 12,000 poles. Now, this is not a particularly easy number to reach in that amount of time, but not impossible. I would need to average 1000 poles each day, which is do-able under good conditions. Complicating things is the fact that, at least two of the days are travel days, and, at best, I might be able to work in the field for half the day on those days. You see, Iím a VERY goal oriented individual. It becomes a game to me, but, a very personal one (I like to win). So, at the halfway mark, Iím calculating where I stand, and, lo and behold Iím slightly ahead of schedule in both hours worked, and in poles counted. This, in spite of it raining, and my computer not charging properly, and one of my tires being out of balance, causing my truck to vibrate, and my brakes are squealing, telling me they are about done (Iím a little hard on my brakes). These are things that merely add to the challenge. Unfortunately, I received some news that will erase about a daysí worth of work, as far as the number of poles counted is concerned. This was extremely disappointing for me because the set-back really had nothing to do with my pace or technique. In one moment, I went from feeling pretty good about where I was, to being completely deflated. I went from being within reach of my goal, to having not much of a chance of reaching it. So, my goal is probably beyond my reach, what am I going to do now? Whining wonít help, so, Iím gonna go down fighting. Iím gonna go down swinging, trying to reach my goal because, you never know what will happen. Anyone remember the NFL play-off game between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers that was played in Buffalo. If not, hereís the short version. By half-time, the Bills were losing 35-3, and had lost their starting quarterback. In the beginning, their goal was to win the game, but, anybody that watches football will tell you a game like this is pretty much over. They could have easily given up, and just gone through the motions for the remainder of the game. In the second half, their fans stuck with them and supported them. They got some good plays and a couple of lucky breaks. In the end, they achieved the biggest comeback in NFL play-off history, and won the game. I personally watched it happen, and was astounded by what I saw. The point to all this is to motivate everyone to set goals for themselves, then, strive earnestly for them, even if the goals seem out of reach, because what else are you going to do? How do you want to be remembered?

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