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VentureSum Newsletters

Jul. 04, 2007 - ...and the rocket’s red glare

Most folks come to this time of year ready to see some fireworks, or, buy stuff on sale, or, eat some good southern bar-b-que. Not a bad plan really, but, for most people, this is about as deep as it gets. I suppose as busy as this world gets for most people, the July 4th holiday is a small chance to recharge. Works for me. It would be nice if we could remember our country’s roots with a little more clarity though. I doubt the founding fathers would recognize a lot of the functions that our current government has adopted as normal services. Most people are unaware that The Constitution was written and agreed upon so that there would be restraint on how much the national government would be able to encroach into the lives of the citizens. The country was founded on that principle, and it worked 231 years ago. A lot can happen in 200+ years. Our company was founded on a similar principle. Honest work, fair dealings, responsibility, maturity and morality in the people that are involved (okay, no more bragging). I’m sure you’re wondering where all these wonderful people are. Well, read on.

VentureSum North is in the area of Afton, New Hampshire, still going for NHEC. VentureSum West has converged on the area around Monroe, Louisiana. VentureSum South is in Greenwood, South Carolina working for Duke Energy, and VentureSum East is going in two directions. Part of ‘East’ is bouncing around Virginia, while the other part is in the area of Hazard, Kentucky. Both parts are doing work for AEP. This would be a good time to welcome a new member to the VentureSum family. Matthew Howell has joined us, and is acclimating himself to the early phases of ‘VentureSum speed’. He’s helping out VentureSum South for now. Again, welcome Matthew.

I’d like to offer my apology to all of you. This company newsletter is written for the benefit, and entertainment of our employees. Many of you might think I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to update the employees so that I can spill my political rhetoric without restraint, so if you think that, I’m sorry. You might want to review the previous newsletters. You’ll notice that my ‘rhetoric’ is not political, but, is verbal concern about our country. I am an American. I am a patriot. I love my country and my company. I still try to sing the national anthem at the start of ball games. I get choked up when I watch “Saving Private Ryan”, because, as I get older, I realize more and more the type of sacrifice people have had to make so that I can enjoy the freedoms that we still have. Okay, point made. Yeah, I know this piece should be more light-hearted, and, from here on, it will be. I wouldn’t be so serious except I was up late last night trading e-mails with a friend and co-worker. We were having a friendly debate concerning ‘Global Warming’ (oh, sorry, that should now be ‘Climate Change’). My friend is much more scientific about the damaging results of humans living on the planet, whereas, I’m more of the opinion that the planet is much more powerful and resilient than us puny humans. I get the distinct feeling my friend considers the warming of the planet to be a bad thing. It seems to me that, for as long as the planet has existed, it has been in a constant state of heating, or cooling. In addition, space is a dynamic environment (for those of you in Charlotte, that means ever-changing). Now, what is the #1 factor in the Earth’s weather? That’s right, it’s THE SUN. Now, I feel fairly secure in saying that the sun has not been steady at any single temperature anymore than the earth has. I would think the variations in the sun’s temperature and energy output could, maybe, have some sort of effect on our planet. Ya think? Anyway, I think my friend will keep from getting overheated since we continue to be at, or below normal temps for the summer. It’s been kinda that way for most of the year, hasn’t my friend? Hmmmmm. See ya’ll next time.

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