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VentureSum Newsletters

May. 29, 2007 - What is so important?

The technology of today is really quite amazing. The progress that has been made in just the last 100 years, compared to the last 2000 years is simply incredible. I’m convinced that most people (including myself) are not able to make use of it all, make sense of it all, or, are not intelligent enough, or, are too lazy, to understand or sift through the massive amount of information, true and false, that is now available because of it. (“Where’s he going with this? How does it tie in with the question in the title? What’s ticked him off, and made him so abrasive? What’s made him so cynical?”) I can’t imagine. We’ll get back to all this soon enough. Right now, let’s get to other news.

VentureSum has been going full blast of late. I know I’ve been very busy. So busy, my location update may be somewhat less than stellar. VentureSum North continues in New Hampshire somewhere. VentureSum West is going strong in Louisiana, somewhere in the north, or south. VentureSum East is bouncing back and forth between Virginia and Kentucky. VentureSum South is doing the same between North and South Carolina. Now, don’t you feel better knowing exactly where everyone is, and what their working on. Just know that we’re keeping Goodyear Tires in business with all the rubber we’re wearing out.

A bit of good/bad news. VentureSum is losing Todd Doolittle to a company that recognizes talent, and has lured him away with a seven or eight figure salary (I hear). We’ll figure some way to get by, but, good luck Todd, we’ll miss ya.

Normally, while I’m driving down the road, I’ll listen to the radio. With most stations, they’ll have a top-of-the-hour news update. As time has gone by, my astonishment has continued to grow. I’m astonished at what has become the news, and, at what passes as something important. I’ve come to realize that the news is a product that has to be packaged and sold, so that the broadcast company can make money for their shareholders. As time has gone by, it seems the media has decided that they are the best source for news, rather than the reporters of it. Think about it. What has been the top stories this past year or so. Anna Nicole Smith, and that whole swirl. Old man Imus, and how he ruined the lives of a whole basketball team with 3 words. Will they ever recover? Hey, if somebody, who I don’t respect, says something stupid, I’m not gonna lose any sleep even considering it, so, get over it. Madonna, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Rosie O’Donnell and all these celebs who accumulate DUI’s and whatever, and then gripe about the fact that they have to be disciplined for it. And when we’re not talking about people who are famous for being famous, let’s create something that’s somewhat murky, yet, alarming. Something that will most certainly kill the human species, if let alone. Global warming, oh sorry, ‘climate change’ (like we’ve never had changes in the world’s weather), and ‘Killer’ hurricanes are good examples. Granted, there are a few things out there that are worth our attention, but, the reporting is not complete, or accurate, and usually done by someone who is a cross between an old-style town cryer, and, Peter, from ‘Peter and the Wolf’ (whatever happen to INVESTIGATVE journalism). With all the stress being applied, should we just throw up our hands and hide in the corner? We could let all the whiney people and special interest groups and professional politicians take care of everything. You know they would, as long as we sent them our money.

So, what IS really important? Has our society become so narcissistic (for those of you in Wash. D.C., that roughly means ‘self-absorbed’) that we can only be interested in something that involves other people’s problems, like what we see on ‘Court TV’? The other day, I was attempting to help my son to absorb a life lesson. He had observed something on TV, and made the statement, “There sure are a lot of stupid people on this planet, isn’t there Dad?” “Yes, son, there are” I replied. I then said to him “One of my jobs is to make sure you don’t become one of them”. THIS is important. I don’t have the answers to the secrets of the Universe, but, I’ve discovered a few things as I attempt to keep my hair from going gray. Raising your children to be adults, and, take responsibility for their actions, -living your life according to a set of moral principles that is out of step with a materialistic society, -having a positive effect on those around you, and hopefully improving their lives, THESE things are important. This is not a complete list, but, maybe as we go along, we can find some of them. Sorry to be so preachy and long-winded. Next time, I’ll try to have a little more fun, like, discussing how America has changed from an actual democracy, to a country on the verge of becoming a European socialistic welfare state. See ya.

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