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VentureSum Newsletters

Apr. 12, 2007 - Crazy AprilÖMust be Global Warming

When the last newsletter was written, (so long ago), Spring was peeking out from under winterís shadow. Now, a month later, the spring season canít seem to make up its mind whether itís ready to start or not. Meanwhile, Iím trying not to go deaf from the bedlam of noise being made because it has been so long since a newsletter has been posted. People seem to think that the newsletters are supposed to be posted to the website with some sort of regularity or something, like, all I do is sit around thinking aboutÖ, uh, never mind, sorry about that, letís just continue. I know it has been too long when The Big Cheese himself calls me and says; ďStop fooling around and write a newsletterĒ.

VentureSum North is still going in central New Hampshire, and will be for a while, although, theyíll be using one less crew. Ryan has left for NHEC, and, Noah is, for the moment, now working with VentureSum South. VentureSum South will soon be wrapping up the project with Embarq, and, then will be involved with a project involving Windstream(Alltel). This project will put VentureSum South in various areas around North Carolina and even particular spots in South Carolina. VentureSum East will soon be starting up on AEP and roaming the roads of Virginia once again. VentureSum West continues in Louisiana, gathering info for (about, concerning) SWEPCO. All four divisions are very busy, and, with still about 1 million units yet to count this year, are going to have to figure out how to squeeze in a project for Duke Energy in Indiana, that is scheduled to start later.

I understand there are some of you who read this newsletter, and wish to respond sometimes, yet, donít know who to respond to. You can always call or e-mail Joey Johnson, and heíll let Peter Parker know, so that, heíll let Spiderman know. Eventually, Iíll know, and, may be able address whatever it was that started the train to begin with. In case youíve forgotten, this newsletter is technically an opinion piece, and not hard news. Because of this, I try to maintain an upbeat note, as well as a tone of integrity. There have been numerous times, lately, when Iíve been scanning the newspaper, or rolling through the cable channels, and had to really bite my tongue, just so I wouldnít, shall we say, have unkind things come out of my mouth. Also, Iím a conservative, politically speaking. I belong neither to the Republican or the Democrat party (with the way our Ďelectedí leaders conduct themselves, Iím not sure you could pay me enough to belong to either party). From what Iíve seen, the Republicans canít seem to find the courage to defend themselves, or their policies, and, the Democrats have COMPLETELY lost their minds. I try to live my life as a God-fearing Christian. I am not perfect, and I suffer from human frailties, like everybody else, but, I continue to try. Now, with all this information, youíll have a pretty good idea where Iím coming from on most things, and, remember, that what you read is just MY opinion. This does not mean my mind is closed, or already made up. It does mean that my faith in my beliefs is strong, and, I can back them up, with evidence and common sense, for the most part. I tell you all this because I had debated with myself whether or not to get into some of the issues of today, and/or, some of the universal issues that continue to be ongoing, in addition to updating where our massive number of crews are, and what projects they are involved with. My tipping point came when I was having a conversation, over dinner, with one of my co-workers. We were discussing this and that, nothing heavy, just stuff like the nature of the universe, the nature of God, and, my co-worker, who I feel is an intelligent guy, professed in his belief in the theory evolution AND his belief in God. Now, this touched off quite a discussion that is still going on (Iím still waiting for him to reconcile these two beliefs). These are the type of things I like to ask questions about, and, if youíre okay with it, in future newsletters, Iíd like to discuss probable and possible answers to some of these questions. Iím sure Iíll hear from El Presidente Johnson if itís not alright. So, possibly, starting with the next newsletter, weíll get into some of these topicsÖor not (my keyboard is already warmed up, and, I can be just as sarcastic about current events as anything else). Till then, letís revive the common sense movement, and live life.

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