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VentureSum Newsletters

Jan. 31, 2007 - A New Year, and it should be good

Wow, itís 2007, and already the month of January has almost gone by. Iím still catching my breath from the holiday break and Iím still trying to get back into gear concerning work. Maybe, there is something to this aging thing. Anyway, I hope everyone had a good break, and has gotten off to a good start in this new year. This SHOULD be a good year. Last year at this time, we, at VentureSum, were trying to squeeze an extra project, in Virginia, into our busy schedule, AND trying to jump-start a new computer program prior to going into our regular projects. Along with projects going on across the country, it seemed to be a year of catch-up. Now, weíve caught up, and, are going at pretty close to full speed. When weíve hired and trained everyone we need, weíll be there.

Last year was a struggle, at times, for us as a company, but we overcame our troubles by everyone pulling together. One of our own at VentureSum also had some struggles last year. Even though we all pulled together in supporting him, his year was up and down. Itís been discovered that his new year is actually going to be a little more complicated than last year was, medically speaking. Iím talking about Wes Simineau, our I.T. department head. Last year Wes fought with a disorder that affects the nerves. Some progress was made but, the battle continues. There may be an additional problem for Wes to deal with, and, as I find out more, will inform you. Meanwhile, I sincerely ask for everyone to include Wes in your prayers, they work.

Now letís update where everyone is, and what theyíre doing. VentureSum West is in high gear in Louisiana. Baton Rouge and Shreveport continue to be the areas Todd D., Thor C., John C. and Greg S. are working in. These guys are moving fast, doing a whole-pole inventory, especially Greg Sanders, who, as I understand, is really screaming along. Congrats guys. Say hi to Joey. You know, Joey, our founder and owner? To be honest, Iím not exactly sure where Joey is these days. I know heís racking up more frequent flyer miles than poles, but thatís O.K., thatís where heís needed right now, I guess. If it wasnít, Gwyn and Diane would be sure to tell him where to go. Hmmmm. VentureSum North is also going well in New Hampshire. Ryan S., Geoff B. and company are doing well for NHEC. I hear Ryan REALLY loves the area, among other things. Iím sure the area is really beautiful in fall and winter. VentureSum South continues to muddle its way across northern North Carolina with Joel C., Tom E., and the newest employee at VentureSum. Letís all give a big round of applause for Roger Kriger. Roger, welcome aboard.

Well folks, that wraps up the first newsletter of 2007. Iíll try to keep them coming on a somewhat consistent basis and hopefully theyíll be informative too. They may even be somewhat entertaining. Until next time, see ya.

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