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VentureSum Newsletters

Dec. 18, 2006 - Winding Down 2006

With the end of the year approaching, and the Christmas holidays staring us in the face, most folks are racing madly around, trying to get everything done before January 1. It is true that this time of year can cause Ďsomeí stress with certain people simply because theyíre trying to do all the shopping they feel is necessary, coordinating travel plans and meal requirements for their home and their relativesí homes, trying to maintain their normal routines, and, trying to squeeze in that last big rush of work so that those year-end quotas can be met. I am SO glad thatís not me. That is, Iím SO glad VentureSum employees donít have a year-end quota to meet. The rest of that stuff pretty much describes me, but, at least, work is not adding to the problem. Our company has a ton of work going on right now, but, itís not something you can rush. Sure, we try to get finished with everything we can, but, you really canít hurry what we do. The mindset is; do what you can, do it right, and recharge during the holidays. The work will be there when you come back. The plan is to have some new faces added to our roster in order to help with all the work we have by the time we come back. Weíre just not sure which area the new faces will be in, but we ARE going to get enough to fill ALL the holes. Hopefully, this will all be done by the time the next newsletter comes out.

Now letís update everybodyís location. Everybody is pretty much where they were when the last newsletter was written (generally speaking). I suppose if you want more specifics, youíll have to read the last newsletter. The weather has been warmer than normal, and this has allowed us to get the most out these December days, even in New Hampshire. How about it Ryan S. and VentureSum North? The weather has been spring-like in the Carolinas and in Louisiana. The only difference is the number of daylight hours. Itís been a really pitiful winter so far.

As we wind down this year, I look back, and Iím glad our little company is so busy and continues to grow. I know all our employees feel this way. I know I speak for the owner when I say thanks to everybody for the effort. Youíve all done a great job, and our founder is grateful. I know weíre all grateful for our founder too. The last two newsletters were somewhat lengthy, so, Iíll be brief. Hereís to next year, and to our fruitful labors. May they continue to bear fruit, and everyone make it to the end of the year safely (that last part was from the Vice-President of Safety). Happy Holidays everyone.

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