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VentureSum Newsletters

Nov. 30, 2006 - Turkey-Time & Thanksgiving

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving, and, by now, your turkey leftovers should be about gone (if not, you really should think about feeding them to Rover or Spot or your neighbors cat). Too much turkey can be a bad thing. It’s been only a few days since the last newsletter, so, not much has changed as far as where everybody is currently working, with one exception; John C. will be leaving VentureSum South, which is in the Hickory, N.C. area, in order to help out VentureSum West in Louisiana and their ‘Entergy’ project. He’ll be there for about 2 to 3 months. In other big news, American Electric Power has informed our owner and president and founder (1 person) that they would like for VentureSum to be the company that conducts their attachment audits in about half of all the areas where AEP has power distribution, in the eastern United States. That area would include Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and a small part of Tennessee (that snowball is REALLY getting big – see previous newsletter). Let’s review. States where VentureSum has recently, is, or will be working:
New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. Anyone need a job? Meet the criteria and you’re on your way. I know this sounds like a little bragging here, but, dog-gone it, look what’s happened in just this year.

On the medical front, you’ll remember Wes S. was, and is, taking treatments for his nerve/muscle disorder (I still don’t know what ‘it’ is called). He is some better, and continues to slowly improve. Wes is a big guy, and, grows impatient with getting better in small increments, so, he tends to overdo sometimes. As long as he’s getting better, I’ll take it. Prayer works. Elsewhere, Ryan S. gave us a scare recently. While working in the beautiful outdoors of New Hampshire, he picked up a tick. From the initial indications, it was thought Ryan might have contracted ‘Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever’. Later, it was determined that Ryan was okay. Unfortunately, this is one of the possible downsides with our jobs, just like the artic cold-front headed for VentureSum North this upcoming week (I wish I could go).

You may have noticed the title of this newsletter separated the terms ‘turkey’ and ‘Thanksgiving’, and I had a reason for doing that. I’ve had a week now to mull over the holidays we just had, during which, I had a chance to recharge, and spend some time with my family. I realized, with or without turkey, I had, and have, a number of things that I should be thankful for. Hopefully, I won’t sound like an ongoing Jeff Foxworthy “you might be a redneck…” joke, but I thought I might share are a few with you.

I’m thankful ---
--- for the fact that I have good health, and most, if not all, of my body parts seem to work as they were designed to do. That’s right, DESIGNED. Also, I wake up, and breathe in and out every day, so far.
--- that I have a loving wife and family that support me, and allow me to work in a job that requires me to be away from them for too long a lot of the time.
--- for my boss, who has exhibited on numerous occasions, his generosity and concern for his employees. He provides us with the safest and most modern equipment attainable. He even puts up with my being a rebel and whining and being abrasive in my directness and honesty. His mindset is that the company exists in order to serve the employees, and improve their quality of life, not that the company should make some huge profit, at the expense of the employees.
--- for my co-workers, administrative and field, and the environment they create within this company. I wish my extended family were this nice to be around all the time.
--- that I live in a country that, for the time being, is a democracy and allows us the freedoms that so many have died for, yet so many stupid people take for granted. Most of the world just doesn’t quite understand true freedom the way we have it here. Even if they try to copy us, it comes out as a messed up version of socialism. Let’s don’t go there. I’m just glad I’m here.
--- last, but not least, that I (and I’m speaking only for myself here) am a creature of our creator, and that I have Him to be thankful to for all these blessings, and therefore, try to live according to His plan. There is great comfort in the hope of being with Him for eternity.

Spiritual guidance, health, family, job, and country. A good foundation. There are numerous other things I can be thankful for that are more or less details of everyday life, but I’ll not bore you with them. I’m sure you have your own. Suffice it to say that while the radio stations start playing Christmas music 24/7 the minute Thanksgiving is over, while everybody and their brother tries to sell you something that would make ‘the perfect gift’, in-between all the television ‘Christmas specials’, you might be able to actually enjoy this time of year, be it the scenery, or the fellowship with people you really care about, or some other aspect. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

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