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VentureSum Newsletters

Aug. 01, 2006 - VentureSum’s Snowball, Bigger & Faster

“Snowball’s? In August? Wow, this guy has gone daft” (That’s ‘goofy’ for those of you in Rio Linda). There may a growing chorus questioning my sanity, but for those of you in the know, you’ll remember way back near the beginning of these newsletters, that I compared VentureSum’s growing business to a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering speed and growing bigger. Well, here it is in August, and business continues to do both. We’ll have to wait till the next newsletter to make an official announcement, but, it would appear that VentureSum’s working territory will expand to cover all of Louisiana and part of a certain state in the Midwest. If that’s not enough, we have also added to the VentureSum family, again.

Let’s officially welcome Ron Dow. Ron has been with us about a week, and is currently working with Ryan Sutton and Geoff Bechtold in New Hampshire as a part of VentureSum North. Unfortunately, and due to circumstances beyond their control, VentureSum North is still short on manpower. That WILL be remedied, but until then, hang in there Ryan. Working with rookie crews and undermanned, yes, I feel your pain. VentureSum West is still working in and around Bentonville, Arkansas (Greg S.) and in Louisiana (Todd D. & Thor C.). I’ll try to have a few more, and somewhat better details for this area in the next newsletter. VentureSum East (John C.) is still tramping around the mountains of North Carolina, which is actually outside his normal work area, but, it won’t be for much longer. VentureSum South is in the final days of working around Greenville, S. Carolina (Joel C. & Tom E.), and will be heading in the general direction of Clemson as they sweep through the countryside. VentureSum Central remains in Concord, N. Carolina, of course, and stays busy with all that administrative stuff. Last, but not least, have a good vacation Mr. Johnson.

Here is some good news on Wes Simineau, Head of our I.T. Dept. He is recovering quickly, and has been able to go home. He still won’t be up to full strength for awhile yet, but, his brain never suffered a slow down. Thanks for the prayers, and keep them coming (one of life’s secrets: prayer works). Well, with the heat melting my keyboard, and snowballs flying everywhere, I better take cover while I try to remember all the other stuff I was going to tell you. When I do remember, I’ll be sure to let you know in our next riveting newsletter. Till then, see ya.

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