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VentureSum Newsletters

Jul. 11, 2006 - There Must Be Something In The Water

If it’s not the water, then it must be in the work. Papa Joey continues to expand our happy little family at VentureSum. So, without further ado, let’s give a big round of welcoming applause to our newest employees. Geoff Bechtold is our newest field representative, and will get to wear the title of ‘Rookie’ for only a little while. There was a time when the company’s ‘Rookie’ would have to put up with the hazing… uh, I mean, initiation privileges for quite a while, but no more. Geoff will be with VentureSum-North in New Hampshire helping Ryan Sutton. In addition to Geoff, VentureSum is happy to add Eric Horne as a part of our I.T. staff in the office. Eric can’t wear the ‘Rookie’ title since he has previously worked for VentureSum on a part-time basis. He temporarily left the company for other things, but finally came to his senses. We’re glad to have Eric back.

I have some sad news to pass on to everyone. Wes Simineau, a major component in our I.T. department is in the hospital, and will have to be there for several weeks. Wes has a condition that came upon him without warning, and with some speed, but it is treatable. I ask that you’ll keep Wes in your prayers for a quick and total recovery. Just know that Wes is a big, strong guy, and, with just a little help, he’ll be back to normal in a few weeks. Hang in there Wes.

Now for location updates. As was previously mentioned, VentureSum-North continues to pick up speed in New Hampshire with Ryan Sutton, Joe Buehler and ‘The Rookie’. VentureSum-West has one project going and one just starting. The one going is in Bentonville, Arkansas, with Greg Sanders. The one just starting is in Louisiana with Thor Cobb, Todd Doolittle and James Rogers. VentureSum-East has John Corcoran on vacation, but, will return to The Nantahala area of the North Carolina mountains. VentureSum-South continues in South Carolina, currently in Greenville with Joel Calvert and Tom Ellis, and will be there for a little while longer. VentureSum-Central (Joey, Gwyn, Diane and Eric) continue to keep track of it all from the home of ‘PoleVault’. “What’s ‘PoleVault’?” you ask, more on that later…maybe. It may come about that Joey will actually get out and do some field work. We should be so lucky. Joey stays fairly snowed under with all he does. He actually considers it rest and relaxation to be able to do field work, but dog-gone it, somebody has to fly around the country and put together these projects, and continue to educate folks on the value of our service and, how, in the long run, our company can make them soooooo much more money than the goofy…..er, the people who try to compete with us. Oh well, I see I have started off the deep end, so, I’ll pull back, for now, and catch you up next time. See ya.

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