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VentureSum Newsletters

Jun. 14, 2006 - Is it me or is it just Summertime?

Where does the time go? My apologies for being tardy with this issue of ‘The Newsletter’, but when you’re having fun, time just flies. Since the last time we ‘talked’, our little family continues to grow. Let’s have a big round of applause for our newest rookie, Joe Buehler. Joe is working with Ryan S. in New Hampshire. I’m sure Ryan will introduce Joe to all the joys and privileges of being a new VentureSum employee. If he doesn’t, I’m sure some volunteers can be found to go and visit ‘VentureSum North’ and ensure Joe gets properly educated. Welcome aboard Joe!

Now it’s time to find out where everybody is working. It’s amazing how fast things can change in a business that normally is considered to move at a snail’s pace, but our little company seems to zip along most of the time (I think it’s because our trucks have a V-6 under the hood). Sorry, I digress. ‘VentureSum South’ is still involved with a project covering the northwest half of South Carolina, and more specifically, at this time, in the Greenville area. Along with Joel C. and Tom E., Thor C. and Todd D. have been borrowed in order to try and keep us on schedule. A little to the northwest of them, in the mountains of North Carolina, is another temporary inmate of the ‘Southern’ division, John Corcoran. John will continue to plug along in the Nantahala area without concern cause “he’s in his element”. As previously mentioned Ryan S. and Joe B. are off and running in the northeast. ‘VentureSum West’ has Greg S. working in Bentonville, Ark., and James R. is getting ready for a project in Louisiana that is due to kick off around the first of July. At that time, both Todd and Thor will also go to Louisiana, and ‘VentureSum West’ will be back in balance.

Last, but not least, an update on our ‘toy’ mentioned in the previous newsletter. It’s not really a toy, but a tool. Joey J. and Wes S. are the creators of this tool and seem to play with the ‘innards’ as if it were a toy. This tool is a computer program we use that allows us to do various aspects of our job even better. Unfortunately, I can’t get too detailed in my description of our newest tool because, sometimes, this newsletter gets written during the wee hours of the night, and my brain doesn’t always work at it’s best at that time, so, it’s possible I might give out incorrect information. That just wouldn’t be right, since part of my job is to gather CORRECT information. Also, the wee hours of the night tend to make me ramble, so, that’s it for now. See ya next time.

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