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VentureSum Newsletters

May. 09, 2006 - Getting up to speed in The Palmetto State

“Palmetto State? Where’s that?” I can hear it now. Well, here’s a clue; it’s not ‘North’ Carolina. At this point in time, we have unveiled VentureSum’s own toy concerning pole auditing. More details (maybe) about our toy later. Watching the birth and implementation of our new toy (it has to do with computers) was much like the exchange that goes on between James Bond, 007, (Joey Johnson), and the tech-equipment guy ‘Q’ (Wes Simineau). “Now James, your new gadget can do this, and this, and this, etc., so, please, bring it back from field trials in one piece……O.K., how did you break it this time.” “No, it’s not broke,” James would say, “I fixed it so that it’s better.” Well, better or not, it works fairly well, and continues to improve. As I said, more on this later, now, where was I? Oh yea, the Palmetto State.

Most of our field troops have migrated into Spartanburg, South Carolina. This is the start of a project that will take us through the entire northwest half of South Carolina. After Spartanburg, momentum will carry us into Greenville. Currently involved in this project is Joel C., Tom E., Thor C., James R., and Greg S., although Greg will be heading toward Arkansas within the next day or so. Todd D. has taken a few days off, but soon, he and Thor will be going into Shelby, North Carolina for a small, but intense project involving the municipal system. The project in the Nantahala area of North Carolina had been put on a very temporary pause, but, is now in the capable hands of John C. He’ll be there for the next several months. It’s alright, he likes the mountains.

Last, but not least, VentureSum ‘North’ has started, and is rolling in New Hampshire. This job has engulfed Ryan S. and forced us to expand our happy little family (more employees). This is not bad news. We like to keep busy, and, with what’s in front of us for the year, staying busy should not be a problem. It was hoped this newsletter thing would be informative, yet, somewhat on the light side of things. If you’re a visitor to our website, enjoy. We’ll try to have more than one newsletter a month. If you’re an employee, please let someone know what you think about it, or, if you have any suggestions. See ya later.

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