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VentureSum Newsletters

Apr. 12, 2006 - The Purple (Nantahala) Mountains Majesty

Is it April already? Has it been that long since our last newsletter? Time flies when you’re tracking through gorgeous backwoods forever winding mountain roads, but who’s complaining? Here’s what has changed since our last get-together. Our travels through the western mountains of Virginia have been all but completed. Currently, most of VentureSum’s personnel are scattered around the mountains of North Carolina, so it’s been a BIG transition going from one set of mountains to another. The towns affected with this change are Franklin, Sylva, Highlands, Cashiers, Robbinsville, Murphy, Cherokee and Bryson City, which are all in and around the Nantahala National Forest and Parklands. This is a temporary situation due to the fact that three different projects are to start soon. One in central New Hampshire, one covering the western half of South Carolina, and one in Louisiana and/or Bentonville Arkansas. Yes, the ‘Perfect Storm’ is forming.

I think it’s time now to acquaint you with our company’s personnel. Let’s start with the guys who ‘live’ out west. Greg Sanders is our Western Regional Manager. He keeps things running smooth, and, is completing the training of our newest employee and resident junior rookie, Mr. James Rogers. Two more westerners are Todd Doolittle & Thor Cobb. Yes, that’s really their names. In their latest pole-count accuracy contest, Thor won by less than 1%, but Todd had more poles. Last, but not least, is our senior rookie, and soon-to-be-in-New Hampshire westerner, Ryan Sutton, our newest computer auditing genius. Our Virginia native is John Corcoran. John can point you to the best bed-n-breakfast in any area of the state. Joel Calvert and Tom Ellis, previously of the ‘Primitive South division’, try to keep things rolling in North and South Carolina when not in Virginia. The I.T. department consists of Wes Simineau and Jonathan Halter. These guys tend to talk in a language that sometimes resembles English. Our office personnel is made up Diane Stoudt, receptionist and newly promoted safety assistant. Diane is the right hand of the company Controller, Gwyn Dean. Since Gwyn takes care of Billing, Licenses, Expenses, Payroll and pretty much everything else, we try to keep her as happy as we can. Last, but not least, our fearless Leader, Owner, Founder, President and all-around nice guy (kiss-kiss) Joey Johnson. Yes, you guessed it, he’s our boss. Joey’s duties and qualifications are really too numerous to list here, so, I won’t. Besides, it’s time close this exciting chapter of ‘Who’s That VentureSum Employee?’ Till next time on this same Bat-channel, see ya.

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