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VentureSum Newsletters

Feb. 23, 2006 - Round 2: Hello again and welcome back

Last time you got a bird's eye view of the tentative schedule for VentureSum for the year. Currently, pole attachment inventories in the Roanoke, Va. area and around Davenport, Va. are going well, progressing westward. Weather has been favorable in these areas , with only some snow. This has provided nice scenery without slowing down the work too much. The only problems have been with rural and mountain areas where roads tend to stay slick and icy for a little longer. With the little tanks we drive, we're able to go where most people can't (or won't). FYI- we drive Toyota Tacoma's w/ 4-wheel-drive, although the owner of the company drives a Jeep Rubicon. He can REALLY go anywhere.

We encounter all sorts of weather while we work. Combine that with driving in extremes ranging from very busy city streets during rush hour to places that are so remote, there are no paths, much less roads. Plus, our eyes are usually trained on the utilities running overhead. With all this going on, you might get the idea our work can be somewhat hazardous. WELL IT CAN! This is why our little white trucks are lit up like Christmas trees on steroids as we roll down the road. It's hard for us to sneak up on anybody when our strobes are on. Not only do we have lights on for safety, we have reflective magnetic signs alerting everyone that we're hard at work.
Now you too will be able to recognize us should you happen to see us on the streets.

Safety is a important issue for us, and we take it seriously. VentureSum is dedicated to keeping employees healthy physically and mentally if at all possible. A typical week of safety awareness will run the gamut from allowing employees to getting plenty of sleep, to providing nourishing well-balanced meals, to having the Vice-President of Safety conducting company-wide safety meetings so that at the end of the day, we can all go home to our hotel room. If you wish, contact our home office, and our Office Manager will be glad to relay some of the safety topics that we've covered because she is very organized, but, we'll talk about that another time. Right now it's time to go, till next time, BE SAFE!.

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