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VentureSum Newsletters

Feb. 16, 2006 - The Inaugural Edition of the VentureSum Newsletter

Hello, and WELCOME to the inaugural edition of the VentureSum Update Memo/Newsletter. If you're visiting our site for the first time, or the 10th, or you're an employee, we plan to update this space every week or two with current projects, upcoming projects and other events and items of interest. We hope to keep you informed and/or help you get to know us better. Now, let's get started...

In 2005, business for VentureSum could be described as a large, well-made snowball sitting at the crest of a hill. Early 2006 has seen the snowball start down the hill, picking up size and speed. At present, VentureSum (Eastern division) is working fast and furious on pole inventories in and around Roanoke Va., and in parts of southwest Virginia. Upon near completion, tentative plans will move most of these personnel to a project covering the north and west half of South Carolina, or to a project in New Hampshire, both of which will be done this year. Meanwhile, VentureSum (West division) is making their way around 'The Valley' in southern Texas. From there, they'll move into Arkansas and end up in Louisiana. Of course, these plans don't take into account any of the smaller projects that are already scheduled, or of the inevitable specialized projects that will pop up here and there. Well, there you have it, a bird's eye view of the way this year is suppose to go.

With each newsletter/update (we'll have to figure out what we're going to call it), we hope to provide other info concerning our people and our company 'attitude'. Here's some history for you; previously, there was mention of the Eastern division and the Western division. In fact, there really are no divisions at VentureSum. It's somewhat of an inside joke. Most of the people first employed by VentureSum are a part of what is now considered as the 'primitive Southern division' due to the fact that paper maps are still used on a lot of the projects in North and South Carolina. As we have expanded, divisions have been added, i.e. projects in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana are considered "VentureSum West" regardless of who is actually working on the project. Projects in Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky are "VentureSum East" and our upcoming project in New Hampshire will become "VentureSum North" (All divisions except the Southern division use laptops and tablets, you know, 21st century stuff). Now, don't you feel better learning one of the many success secrets that make up our little company? Good, because they'll be more in our next update. See ya then.

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