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VentureSum Newsletters

Dec. 08, 2003 - VentureSum Corporation conducts opening workshop on Joint Use

Scottsdale, AZ: Doubletree LaPasada Conference Center -

VentureSum’s Joey Johnson partnered with Mike Davis of Joint Use Solutions, also of Concord, NC to kick off CBI’s national utility conference on pole attachments, contracts, inventory structure, legal updates, and BPL. The conference was held at the DoubleTree LaPasada Conference Center/Resort near the base of Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, AZ.

Energy Company (and a few Telephone and CATV) representatives from New England to Southern California participated in the workshop. After the introductions, Mike handled the first session of the workshop which dealt primarily with attachment contracts and negotiation techniques. Joey Johnson handled the second session where he detailed many of the structural components of a quality field inventory. Finally, Mike finished up with some closing remarks on contracts and enforcement.

"Mike was concerned that we might not have enough material to fill a 3 hour workshop, but as it turned out, we could have taken the entire day" Joey commented after the workshop was over. "We didn’t have nearly the time I hoped we’d have. I felt rushed just to get in what I did. When you have a passion like I have for this, you can preach all day and not run out of material! Best of all, only one person fell asleep."

It was obvious that the workshop piqued the interest of many of the Electric Company reps. There were several follow up conversations with many of the workshop participants as the conference continued. As a result, VentureSum Corporation anticipates getting added to at least 3 Energy Provider bid lists. Also promised were invitations to bid on two projects currently due for inventory.

"Overall, the experience was phenomenal! Not only did the workshop/conference turn out to be real momentum builder, but the visit to middle Arizona in December was quite an experience", Joey recalls.

"After the conference, (OK, it wasn’t quite over) Mike and I drove up to Sedona just in time to catch the last Pink Jeep ride of the day. What awesome splendor lies in those red rock mountains! There we were… sunset…open top Jeep…riding from one crest to another, each with its own 360 degree panorama of beauty. Sorry folks, no romance here – just an overwhelming abundance of the beauty of God’s creation.

"After the Jeep Ride, we were up for dinner at the Cowboy Club – Silver Saddle room of course. Cactus fries, Buffalo skewers, salad, sorbet, ribs, filet, and dessert. Then time for sleep. It’s an early flight that brings us back to reality on Wednesday."

If you ever go to Phoenix, take your spouse! If it was this fun with a business friend, I can only imagine how great (romantic) it would be with the wife!

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