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VentureSum Newsletters

Dec. 01, 2003 - VentureSum Corporation evaluates major utility’s field inventory software

VentureSum Corporation was recently invited to a sneak preview of a new field inventory software program written by and for one of America’s largest utilities. After offering our services for no charge, we were asked by the utility to come and evaluate the program. Since they had knowledge of our extensive experience using computers and GPS in the vehicle for field data acquisition, they felt like we were the most qualified to offer advice, direction, and expert analysis on the program they had written for their own company.

It was a real ego boost to have a major utility come to us for advice. More than that, it was really thoughtful of them to consider the contractor when developing the program. Most large companies develop their own template for the work, then demand that the contractor adhere to it, even if the cost is higher. It was really nice to get some "up-front" input on the project.

We hope someday that we will be the beneficiary of the new program. It should help to streamline the fieldwork and post processing significantly.

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