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VentureSum Newsletters

Nov. 10, 2003 - VentureSum Corporation adds Information Services

Since starting business over 10 years ago as "Bit Bi-Logic" Corporation (then changing names in 1995 to VentureSum), we have always integrated technology into our business at every opportunity. As technology has improved, so have we, and so has our ability to integrate that technology into our day to day business.

Finally, an opportunity has materialized for us to officially offer Information Services. This new Service differs from the typical "IT" department where tech support, networking, and troubleshooting occur. There are a plethora of companies out there offering support in that area.

Our Information Services will focus on the small to medium business in the design, upgrade, and consultation areas. For instance, when a business decides to implement a technology that is new to them, we will be able to come in from an unbiased perspective to discuss which technology or combination thereof that best fits their needs and their budget. Since we do not sell broadband, computers, or hardware, we have no "see it only from my perspective" attitude.

Further, as the decisions are made on the system architecture of choice, we can work with the businesses to integrate, migrate, and train as necessary.

We are really exited about the opportunities ahead as we further develo

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