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VentureSum Newsletters

Feb. 27, 2003 - VentureSum Assists Duke Energy During Ice Storm

The piedmont of North Carolina was hit by a second devastating ice storm in 3 months. Duke Energy was the hardest hit energy provider with about 325,000 outages. One of Duke's first calls for help was to VentureSum Corporation. Within hours, VentureSum was able to provide professional scouts - bird dogs, as we are sometimes called - for following the circuits and identifying not only where the problems were located, but what resources would be required to repair the damage caused by the ice storm at each location.

The same day the storm hit, VentureSum was able to team up with thousands of other Duke employees and contractors from several surrounding states. The various companies amalgamated to form a unified team with one common goal. After 5 days of service and enormous overtime hours, the task was completed and the outages were eliminated.

Duke Energy has a great reputation for providing quality accommodations and a variety of very good food and snacks to their storm crews. In this storm, many of the crews were housed at Greensboro's Sheraton Four Seasons Hotel. It was an unbelievable sight to walk in at the end of each day to find 1,300 place settings perfectly arranged in the magnificent 40,000 sq ft ballroom. Thoughout the night, the chefs and waitstaff would dutifully recycle the ball room and transform it from dinner table to breakfast table. Great quality food was never in short supply.

From the Duke management team to the groundmen on the tree crews, we were all treated like royalty. They really had a way of making you feel appreciated.

Except for the hardship forced on Duke's customers, this is a favorite time for the employees of VentureSum. Since the work we typically do is so geared toward following - and often times making - maps, we are custom made for storm patrol. It is very typical to receive many complements on the quality and efficiency of our work. The storm patrols are a welcomed change of pace for our folks in the field. It gives us a chance to work closely with Duke employees and other contractors as we struggle together to accomplish a very rewarding goal - seeing the lights come back on in every home in the area.

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