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Employment Opportunities

VentureSum Corporation is always seeking individuals of integrity and strong work ethic. No experience is necessary. We train regardless of your background and prior work experience.

Currently, VentureSum Corporation is taking resumes for the following positions:

We have immediate openings in our Inventory Division. The most immediate needs we have are in the Mid-Atlantic (OH, IN, WV, KY, TN, VA, and MI) Regions

During the interview process, it is recommended that prospective employees take an electronic profile assessment (Career Direct Guidance System). The Career Direct system is developed by a Christian group called 'Crown Financial Ministries' and the assessment does include Christian interests and skills in the assessment. ***If you are in any way offended by God, the Bible, church, or anything religious, please select the option to 'Request Alternative Survey' when submitting your information and we will make an alternative assessment for you. VentureSum does not discriminate based on religion. Please click HERE to proceed to the first steps of the interview process...